Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My wish

I have two beautiful children. My most important task in this lifetime is to raise them to be happy, productive members of society.
My hope is that they will find the happiness and love that I have found with their father. I wish for them to feel loved and to love unconditionally. I wish for them to experience parenthood if that is their choice. I wish for them to be able to choose who they love and who they commit to, regardless of that person's gender.
I strive to remain ambiguous in regards to our conversations about marriage and the kids' future relationships - I do not want my kids to ever think for a minute that I expect anything from them in terms of who they choose to be with.
I have a responsibility to support the progression of same-sex marriage. I want my kids to grow up oblivious to the idea that this country once tried to limit the happiness of any subset of the population. I want them to be just as surprised and horrified as I was when I heard of slavery.
To love and be loved - that is my wish for my children.

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