Thursday, April 12, 2007

just as i promised...

well, the last "here's my new address" email specifically noted that the next change of address would be from an apartment to an actual, grown up house.
we intended to stay in this apartment for awhile longer, given that mortgage guys (or gals for that matter) don't usually want to give large sums of money to couples with only one income and an insane amount of law school debt. unfortunately, our apartment complex decided to raise our rent a ridiculous 10% for next year, so we very quickly had to rethink our strategy.
after about 3 weeks of house shopping hell, we bought a house! our closing date is may 16 and we are pretty pumped. i can honestly say that this experience has been hands down the most stressful experience of my life. more stressful than almost getting fired. more stressful than having my grandma die in the middle of the bar exam. more stressful than getting married 28 days after my sister, during tax busy season. more stressful than law school.
but now it's all ready to go and as long as i don't think about the monthly payments, i'm super pumped!
you can see the house here:
don't mind the picture of the woman with beady eyes staring at you - she is likely the reason this experience has been so hellish!
don't be concerned, we're painting all the rooms a much more reasonable color and redoing the kitchen. i would like everyone to pay particular attention to the stove. it's green. avocado green. on that principle alone, it's probably older than me. but it's mine and i'm not renting it, so i love it. at least until i get a stainless steel stove!
butler and molly are pumped about having a yard.
there will be a party. this i swear. date and time TBD.