Sunday, July 29, 2007

like father like daughter

so mike and i went to the grocery store today. you know those completely oblivious people at the grocery store that wander around in the middle of the aisle while talking on the phone and paying no attention to their children, who are running amuck? well, as we were trying to navigate the very crowded store (we try not to go on weekends) to buy our 2 items, we ended up stuck behind a man and his two children. his two children were playing with cell phones and therefore were unable to watch where they were going and walk at a normal pace. and of course they were in the middle of the aisle. the funny thing was, the cell phones were toys, not even working devices that could possibly be bearing news that is so important that it would warrant holding up a whole line of people. inconsiderate cell phone people are bad enough, now a whole new generation of inconsiderate cell phone toy children to grow up and replace their parents!
didn't mr. T recently have a show where he found people that were being stupid in public and called them out on it? i can't imagine how that show got cancelled. what a brilliant idea.

Friday, July 27, 2007

objectively speaking...

this is one of the best looking baby boys i've ever seen. and i've seen a lot of b aby boys.

i'm pretty sure he's smiling in this one. he's very advanced. they're not supposed to do that for weeks.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

dylan matthew fischer

danielle arrived at mercy hospital at 8am on friday, had her water broken 20 minutes later, had some contractions, got an epidural at about 4, i got to iowa city at about 5, she started pushing at 5:30, and at 7:02, dylan matthew fischer became the newest member of our family! he was 8lbs, 5 oz. and measured 21 inches. he has beautiful dark hair (even if it is a little mullety in the back) and brown eyes. he was supposed to poop 1 time in his first 24 hours, and when i changed his diaper yesterday, i marked his 4th. he's already advanced.
pictures are at
i know i might be a little biased, but seriously, i have cute nephews (and my niece is almost 16, so cute doesn't work for her, she's beautiful).
another fun tidbit - eric's sister was induced thursday morning and had her baby exactly 6 minutes after danielle. she had a baby girl. very cool for them.
i'm so thankful i made it to the hospital in time. my mom and i and danielle's friend kerri were outside the room when dylan was born. i honestly think that hearing him cry for the first time was my favorite moment ever. what an amazing experience.
everyone's healthy and happy. and then there were seven.....

Thursday, July 19, 2007


i just got a phone call from my sister. they're inducing her tomorrow morning!!! so it looks like as of tomorrow (July 20) the count will be 1 niece, 6 nephews! pictures will follow asap!!