Monday, January 29, 2007

where in the world is kate?

some of you are probably wondering why my posts have centered around the news as shown on well, i am currently in st. louis attending my third round of IRS training - corporate tax.
my life in a nutshell - fly to st louis on sunday.
sit through 8 hours of class, eat dinner, watch tv and go to bed - monday through thursday.
sit through 8 hours of class, eat dinner, and fly to milwaukee on friday.
lather, rinse repeat.

it's my party and i'll cry if i want to...

apparently, miami is planning a large party at the orange bowl following Fidel Castro's death.
i'm as anti-mean dictatorships as the next guy, but come on, is celebrating someone's death in a party fit for a stadium in good taste? i think not.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the doctor is in...

apparently grey's anatomy star isaiah washington has begun counseling because of a very inappropriate anti-gay word he called his co-star. i didn't know they offered therapy for being mean and homophobic.
Washington "regard(s) this as a necessary step toward understanding why I did what I did and making sure it never happens again" and also claims to have entered counseling with the support of his family.
my understanding:
- he did what he did because he was mad and wanted to make his co-star angry. or he doesn't like gay people.
- he could make sure it never happens again by never again saying the inappropriate word. there are plenty of other words you can call people to hurt their feelings without enciting a publicity riot. like butthead. or jerk. or any one of the names washington has inevitably been called since using the not nice word himself.
- you don't need the support of your family to enter counseling, you just go for an hour of so every once in awhile. as long as you have a car and driver's license, a limo, or a bus pass and some health insurance, you don't need anyone's support. and by the way, i'm pretty sure everyone's family would be supportive of him learning not to be a mean homophobe.

counseling concluded. someone owes me some money....

Saturday, January 20, 2007

crying over spilled peanut butter

it has recently been suggested that britney spears is pregnant. again. this rumor stems partially from the fact that it appears as if she had vomitted all over her new boyfriend. both her manager and her boyfriend commented on the situation.
"According to Cohen (that's her boyfriend), the icky, sticky chunks paparazzi caught clinging to his hands and shirt while he and Brit were in his car (warning: skip this next part if you're eating or ever want to crave the creamy goodness of Jif ever again) was merely some spilled peanut butter. "
""It's ridiculous. Because someone didn't lick peanut butter off his finger, she's pregnant," Rudolph (her manager) tells Us of the morning sickness mumblings. "That's how ridiculous it is.""
i find 2 things hilarious about this:
- first, "spill" peanut butter, i dare you. i assert it's impossible. this guy seems really smart.
- second, did this noble prize worthy boyfriend forget to lick the "spilled" peanut butter off his shirt too?
maybe britney did yack all over her boyfriend. that would be a deal breaker in my world. but seriously, perhaps just saying "just because someone vomits does not mean they are drunk or pregnant" would be better. it would certainly make more sense than spilled peanut butter.

Monday, January 08, 2007


I have more good news! And I can finally share it with the world! My little sister and her husband are expecting. She is currently about 12-13 weeks along and will be popping out the little one around July 21st. I specifically put in a request for her to go into labor the weekend of Scott and Jess's wedding, but not to actually get the kid out until after the reception ends!
so, I am going to be auntie kate TWICE in 6 months! I couldn't be more ecstatic!