Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tis the Season

another news story featured just the other night - a deer slammed through the window of a bank, wandered around for awhile, and eventually jumped out the same window it came in through.
maybe the deer needed some "bucks" :)

Stranger than fiction

last night michael and i went to see Stranger Than Fiction on our rare night out together. we both really enjoyed the movie. it was will farrell, but with a very subtle humor. it was interesting watching him be in a comedy without being the one to make all the jokes and run down the street naked.
a few notes about the movie:
- in my opinion, there are not nearly enough movies centered around IRS agents.
- the IRS is not like how they portrayed it in the movie. i made sure to point out every one of them to michael.
- apparently not everyone counts while brushing their teeth or walking up stairs. i thought everyone did that. maybe only those of us with obsessive compulsive tendencies count everything....

Saturday, November 11, 2006

only in the midwest...

on thursday night, i was watching the local news. thursday nights are my favorite news nights, as they have a feature called "dirty dining". they basically just go to local restaurants that the inspector has written up and try to talk to the owners about being yucky. the owners never want to talk, but for some reason, i find it hilarious.
anyways, as i was waiting for dirty dining to come on (they always save it for last!), there were 2 news stories that were blog worthy:
1) a man was working late at night at nearby Richfield as the guy that cleans up the dead deer along the road. while he was sitting in his truck completing dead deer paperwork, he swears that he saw a 7 foot creature jump into the back of his truck and steal the deer. he said it was bigger than a bear. he called the police and four officers were sent to the scene (might i add that milwaukee has a VERY high crime rate). they spent the next few hours looking for bigfoot. seriously. bigfoot. the man who saw bigfoot refused to speak to the news because he was sure everyone would think he was crazy.
2) the next story, i swear, was about an 8 point deer that got stuck in a target in a Target in West Des Moines. the workers tried to chase it out, and eventually the deer went out the front door. there was pretty funny, yet sad, footage of workers chasing the deer and the poor deer totally wiping out.
bigfoot and a shopping deer. don't see that everywhere.