Thursday, August 31, 2006

Making law school a little less boring...

michael is taking law and economics this semester. i have no idea what this class is about. but that's irrelevant.
in determining whether a case should be litigated, there's this formula that takes the cost of litigation and compares it to the probability of winning times the amount likely to be won. or something like that.
michael's professor writes this formula on the board consistently throughout his class.
he chooses to abbreviate the cost of litigation as C sub lit.
which makes it difficult for anyone to pay attention. everyone abbreviates it c sub l in their notes to avoid any giggling during finals studying.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A new experience

mike bought me a GPS for my birthday (thanks scott for all the help!). tonight we tried geocaching. our first trip was to an athletic park. we found our way to near the point, but couldn't find anything. and mike had to go to the bathroom, so we left. we probably should have looked at the hint before we went!
when we got home, we found out that it was a super difficult cache. so we decided to pick an easy one. we drove our way down to a different park and walked towards the point. and then i found it. about 20 2002 Playboy magazines. in a cardboard box under a giant pine tree.
we decided that wasn't the cache we were looking for. shortly thereafter, we found a small film canister like thing under a rock under the tree! yea!
geocaching rocks. can't wait to try it out in different places!

Pepto stains

so butler wasn't feeling well. so we went to give him some peptobismol. i, in typical kate fashion, knocked over the bottle, spilling it all over the bedskirt, sheets, nightstand, and carpet. and molly. good thing she's a girl.