Friday, March 21, 2008


wow, has it really been since December 16th since i posted last?
things have been the same around here. i started a new project last weekend at home - refinishing the woodwork in the living room. we have a TON of original woodwork, which is beautiful except that it is old and crusty. the varnish is alligatoring (no, i didn't make that up, some wood guy said it) and about 3 paint jobs back they decided not to tape before painting the walls and so the edges of the wood have 2 layers of white and 1 layer of red paint. which looks weird with my green that's taking forever, but it will be beautiful when it's done.
it's been snowing here like mad. and everywhere else. we got out of work today at 11:30 am, which rocks my socks. and gave me a little extra time for refinishing!
the pups both celebrated a birthday - molly is 2 and butler is 4. the both enjoyed some peanut butter flavored puppy ice cream on both birthdays.
i'm in the full swing of things volunteering at VITA on the weekends (volunteer tax prep) at Marquette. it's a lot of work, but i figure it balances my karma from the rest of the week. i'm also in the full swing at Susan G Komen Race for the Cure. we're all (me, michael, mom, dad, danielle, and eric) doing the madison race so we can do it together. it should be a blast.
michael loves his job. he has a ridiculous amount of things in common with his boss and he seems really happy. which makes me happy!
grant's 1st birthday was this past weekend. i can't believe he's been around for a year! that's crazy! and dylan is 8 months. it seems like about 2 weeks ago they were both born. grant is walking around and i'm sure dylan won't be far behind. alex just turned 10! i have a 10 year old nephew! meghan is 16, drew is 7, will is 4 and cole will be 4 in may. no more babies! very strange! i still think of them all as they were the day i met them - meghan was 12, alex was 5, drew was 2 or 3, and no one else was around yet.
we leave for arizona on april 3rd to go see scott and jess. that will be a welcome vacation! we're going to see a cave and relax! it will be our first real vacation since our honeymoon!
we got a new camera after christmas. i researched long and hard and decided on the canon powershot SD850IS. it absolutely rocks. i can get insane shots of moving objects, which was important with all the kids and pets around! and of course we now have a ton more pictures on the picture site at

well, that's all the update i have for now!