Thursday, March 22, 2007

The new munchkin

aren't these the cutest kids you've ever seen?

Friday, March 16, 2007

I never thought i'd see the day....

I was checking the msn news today instead of working and saw an interesting article off the front page. the picture (which is probably the best way of catching my attention) showed 3 postcards for small towns. the title of the article was "10 Low Cost Locales Where Jobs Are Plenty". having spent a great deal of time in iowa city and missing that part of my life every day, i thought i should check out the article. turns out, iowa city is booming according to this article. job advancement is great, unemployment is low, houses are cheap, all the good things. they don't, however, mention the hoards of drunk kids running through downtown on any given night.
the funny part was, however, that none other than my hometown of dubuque, ia was listed right below it as a good place to live. i never thought i'd see the day! they did point out that the town lacks in diversity, but claims they make up for it with other things.
who would have thought that of the 10 low cost locales where jobs are plenty, i would have called 2 home at one time or another? during these times where mike is looking frantically for a job and we're trying to buy a house, the thought of plentiful jobs and lower cost of living is appealing to say the least. taking the bar exam again, however, not so appealing (the irony is that i was planning on taking the iowa bar come july, but missed the deadline and now my scores from wisconsin will have lapsed!).
anyways, just thought it was interesting....

Monday, March 12, 2007


today at about 1:30 i became an aunt again! erin & nate had a baby boy (which was no surprise to me - current count: 1 niece, 5 1/2 nephews). his name is grant everett johnson and he was 6.8 lbs. i can't tell what color his eyes are and as best i can tell he has no hair. but he's damn cute. cole seems to be taking to him quite nicely and even told him he loved him before he left to go home. pictures to come...
now, to explain the 1/2 nephew - word on the street is that danielle is having a boy (i'm not surprised). the person performing the ultrasound saw a "sack". danielle is still holding out that there is some sort of mistake and it will be a girl. there's another ultrasound at 32/34 weeks and she's going to make the lady check a little harder this time...
but for now, 1 niece and 5 nephews, one cuter than the next. life is good.